About Us

Our Vision Statement

We are broken people loved by God, sharing that love with a broken world. Through God’s gracious and miraculous work in us, we pursue:

  • Christ-centered worship that combines the freedom of Spirit-led worship with the majesty of traditional worship
  • Gospel-centered preaching that changes lives through Christ’s redeeming work
  • Relational living that develops inner-connectedness through Jesus
  • Discipling one another in gospel holiness, life in the Spirit, and spiritual gifts, to be the men and women God designed us to be
  • Reaching into a broken world with love and truth out of our life together in Christ

While God has called us to be a unique congregation, we recognize that we are part of the whole Body of Christ made up of all those alive in Christ from every church tradition.  We want to promote unity and partnership in the Gospel among all Christians.

Our Theology

We are a body of orthodox believers who affirm the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds and the Westminster Confession.

Our Denominational Affiliation

We belong to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church whose motto is:

In essentials Unity
In non-essentials Liberty
In all things Charity