We periodically update this page with articles of interest and content that we are reflecting on through our teaching and ministries.

My Utmost for His Highest – Daily Reading

Psalm Readings by day of year – This is a downloadable PDF that offers a reading from the Psalms for each day of the year. If you miss a day or two (or a week), don’t worry about making up the missed days. Just pick up with “today’s” Psalm. It averages about twenty verses a day; some days have multiple Psalms and some Psalms are split over multiple days.

Why Church Matters – a thoughtful article on the value of joining a local church

The Family, Together in God’s Presence – an interesting argument for keeping the entire family in the worship service

Why Plant Churches? by Tim Keller a terrific article

Imitating the Incarnation by B.B. Warfield another terrific article

Master Plan of Evangelism Book Summary

The Downside of Cohabitating Before Marriage – NY Times

Good overview of Christianity:  Five books

Is Sunday School destroying our kids? an interesting critique of modern moralism, written by a member of our church

Theological Principles Behind Intergenerational Youth Ministry


Before the Law

Juvenilization of American Christianity

Evening Theology Materials

How the Church Makes the Trial of Infertility Better (or Worse) by Jeff Cavanaugh

Beliefs of the Heart blog -good weekly blog by one of our members

A list of books for seeking God (complied during our 2017 season of seeking God, a season we call, Invitations to Intimacy with God):